CloudBox Podium is a powerful and easy to use software tool for the production of Live webcasts.

  CloudBox Podium is suitable for web TV transmission of information meetings, press conferences, council meetings, conferences, company annual meetings and other events where it is beneficial to combine video pictures with supplementary information as text or PowerPoint slides.

  CloudBox Podium includes three different Flash Players; Malmö, Landskrona and Finance. Malmö and Landskrona are especially suitable for meetings with lists of speakers and an agenda. Finance is designed for presentations using PowerPoint and containing Q&A sessions.

  CloudBox Podium is designed with the frequently hectic web TV broadcast circumstances in mind. Through the clear interface you have full control of what happens, which slide is showing, are we LIVE? how long have we been transmitting?, transmitting, queueing , etc...

  CloudBox Podium manages all aspects of the  meeting being transmitted; lists of speakers, topics, attachments, powerpoint slides, Q & A sessions and close-in-time sessions. Following the live webcast you can create quickly and easily a complete replay webcast containing searchable links to topics, sessions and PowerPoint slides.

 CloudBox Podium can be hired from ungap AB
  Contact for more information about hiring or testing products or if you have any other questions.

  Download CloudBox Podium information sheet and read more about system requirements, technology and a little about how web TV transmissions are made using CloudBox Podium.

  On ungap's site there is more to read about ungap's products and about exciting web TV and mobile TV projects


Webcast examples

  Would you like to see an example of a transmission using CloudBox?
Please visit Landskrona Town Council Meeting or Malmö Town Council Meeting or Financial Hearings (one of many transmissions)

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