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Playing with Expression Encoder 3

Expression Encoder 3 has been out for a while but I have never had time to test it. Yesterday I downloaded the free version from Microsoft website to play with it a little.

There are very few code samples available both in the EE3 SDK and on the net. The feeling is that EE3 is not seriously supported by MS or the community.

On my Vista PC I have Visual Studio 8. The EE3 SDK is installed at the same time I install EE3. I used the live SDK sample as a starting-point with the aim to be able to do live streaming from my webcam. Read more...

Running with Google App Engine

I am a small shop. I have not plenty of time and resources to get my solutions production ready. This implies they must scale and they must run 24/7.

So, what alternatives do I have? Use Google App Engine! At least that is my thesis. Follow me as I learn more.

Early Adopter Program

When I develop the Open Source tools for Streaming Media I need help to make real use of the tools. You will be able to set requirements on the tools and test them as they mature.
The first ungap tool planned is a live webcast tool for iPhone streaming.

If you are interested or having any questions then please write me an email at anders.marten@ungap.com. 

När jag utvecklar ungap:s verktyg för Streaming Media behöver jag hjälp att använda verktygen på riktigt. Inom ramarna för ungap Early Adopter program kan du hjälpa mig med kravställning och tester. Det första jag planerar att utveckla är ett verktyg för iPhone-sändningar.

Hör av dig om du är intresserad eller har frågor: anders.marten@ungap.com. 

Article: Open Source Streaming is happening Now!

Open Source is about to enter the Streaming Media market. The dominants have for a long time been Windows Media and Flash. But this is about to change. Thanks to H.264 and HTTP Streaming.

Project B: Convert movies on konst.org to H.264

When upgrading my* public IIS web server to Apache running on Ubuntu or Slackware (not decided yet) I also take the opportunity to convert all Mikael Richter's movies to H.264. I am planning to use ffmpeg to convert the files. Using H.264 makes it possible to view the files in Flash or on the iPhone.

Project A: HTTP Streaming for iPhone on Ubuntu

Goal: Open Source solution for HTTP Streaming for the iPhone.
Milestone: iphonedevse meeting on Oct-1.
Outcome: A working but not stable system. But still, I only worked a day with it.
Next step: Build a stable version of the system
Software used: Ubuntu, ffmpeg, vlc, open source segmenter.
Hardware used: HP laptop with built in webcam, iPhone 3G.
Server: Webserver (IIS) with FTP upload. Next time I use Apache or other open source webserver.

HTTP Streaming does not require dedicated streaming media servers. Basically the Internet video file is chopped up in small pieces and the the client progressively downloads each of them and puts them together. The server work is done on the client! 

One big advantage is that the load balancing and edge caching is done by the web server infrastructure. This makes it simpler and cheaper for anyone to put live and on demand video on the net!

Still I think only iPhone supports HTTP Streaming. But I would not be surprised if Adobe will support this technology in a future update of the Flash Player. This would really give HTTP Streaming a head start.